WHO an independent reissue record label and book publisher  

WHAT uncover cultural narratives

HOW strategy // concepting // copywriting // analytics // community management



To introduce audiences to the Nightcrawlers, a largely unknown kosmische trio active during the ambient electronic scene in Philadelphia during the 80s, I suggested an Instagram zine, which features ephemera from the era alongside quotes from the band and kosmische expert D. Strauss, to position the group amongst their more well-known peers and pique our followers’ interest. The zine was designed to feel as if the pages are all fluidly connected within the Instagram carousel (and is thus optimally viewed in app). Anthology Artifacts Vol 1 Issue 1: The Nightcrawlers Uncovered was shared on our profile and included in a feature on the music and film webzine Tiny Mix Tapes.


Pharoah Sanders

To maintain hype during our month-long pre-order campaign for the reissue of three of Pharoah Sanders’ most significant albums, I proposed spotlighting each of the albums in the weeks following our initial announcement through a series of Instagram Stories. Each series incorporates album art, archival photography and quotes commissioned from resident DJs at the non-profit radio station Dublab.



Jewels of Thought

Deaf Dumb Blind


key results

  • In my first year we saw a major increase in followers across social media platforms. Growth rates:
    • Instagram: 64%
    • Facebook: 52% 
    • Twitter: 26%